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CDS Are A Professionally Run Detailing Services Company

Accredited Ultimaxx Ceramic Coatings & X-Kote Coatings Installation Specialists

Accredited Machine Correction & Detailing Instructor For Ultimaxx

Our Services Cover

Automotive & Motorcycle Divisions

Marine Division & Aviation Divisions

Ceramic Coatings

Benefits of using Ultimaxx Ceramic Coating Protects the paintwork by blocking the UV rays oxidation Provides a shield against chemical staining such as acid rain Provides an extra high gloss protect layer to the car’s paintwork Hassel free cleaning prevents dirt from bonding with paint work Gives extra glossy shine which gives your car appeal and value Helps to preserve attractiveness and increase the service life of your vehicles Exceeds the modern standards of detailing

Machine Polishing

Paint correction, scratch removal, oxidation, paint enhancement, removes swirl defects, etching marks using the latest Maxxcut compounds

What is X-Kote

X-kote is a professional service available only at an accredited X-kote installer. X-kote is a 2 component (2K) Automotive clearcoat that is applied by hand. X-kote is very similar in nature and chemistry to today’s spray on clearcoats. X-kote permanently repairs heavy scratches and scuffs, and brings faded, weathered, sand blasted paint back to it’s original factory finish. X-Kote for use in the Automotive Aviation & Marine sectors.

Steam Clean

Sanitize your car's carpet, leather trim, seats and upholstery with incredible results

Headlight Restoration

Refinishing aged headlight lenses that have become discolored or dull due to oxidation primarily due to UV light and more.

Scratch Repair

Small scratches cause frustration and can prove costly to fix or when it comes time to sell we can help to make your car like new again.

Leather Care

LeatherMaxx preserves and conditions the natural appearance and characteristics of automotive and motorcycle leather

Air Con Refresh

Ozone treatment neutralises odours, bacteria and viruses which can lead to health risks by helping to clean, disinfect and refresh your entire A/C vent system and interior leaving your vehicle odour free.

Soft Top Waterproofing

Fabrexx treatment for fabric roofs and re-waterproofing agent.

We are Approved & Certified by Ultimaxx 

Machine Correction & Detailing Instructor For Ultimaxx

Performance Coatings Contractor And Dealer.

Our Services Include Performance Detailing Services For The

Automotive & Motorcycle Divisions, Marine Division & Aviation Divisions

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